The Benefits of Quality Field Points


Any hunter can have a successful season if they use their gear properly, understand shot placement and practice proper form, but the right equipment can make it just a little bit easier. Investing in quality equipment makes it easier to keep your gear in top shape. It will last longer and should remain reliable throughout the entire hunting season. Our field points are made from quality material that will hold up through your summer practice sessions. Check out some of the benefits of using field points below.

Perfect for Practice

Field points are perfect for practicing your technique. They have thin, narrow points that won’t damage your archery target during practice. Consistently using broadheads for practice will eventually tear up your target and could dull your broadheads before the season even starts, which would be wildly counter-productive. Using field points for target practice will give you a similar feel to using the broadheads you’ll be using on an active hunt without inflicting the same damage.

If you choose a field point that’s the same weight as your broadhead, it makes for a smooth transition from practice to hunting because the feel of the shot process should be the same. It’s also convenient to be able to swap out the field point for a broadhead using the same arrow shaft.

Though keeping the same weight will help close the gap between field point and broadhead, the mechanics of the two are inherently different, so they will fly slightly differently even when you use the same weight.

Use Our Multi-Purpose Points for Small Game Hunting

Our Bullet Points are designed specifically for practice and should not be used on an active hunt. Our Multi-Purpose Points, however, can be used to hunt small game like rabbits and squirrels.

That said, no field point should be used to hunt large game like deer. Field points are lighter and smaller than broadheads, which means they won’t inflict as much damage. Using a broadhead contributes to a quick, ethical harvest.

Why VIP Archery

After reading about the overall benefits of field points, we’re sure you’re wondering why you should choose our field points for your next hunt. Our field points are made from stainless steel and superior materials. Our Multi-Purpose Points and our Bullet Points are each crafted from the same materials using quality machinery. The quality materials used to create our field points make them durable and sturdy. Our points are screw-in points, meaning they screw directly into the arrow shaft. It’s important to make sure the diameter of the field point matches the diameter of your arrow shaft.

Our Multi-Purpose Points come in 100 or 125 grains and in a pack of six or a bulk pack of 100.

Our Bullet Points come in a variety of different diameter options. They include:

  • 17/64
  • 9/32
  • 19/64
  • 5/16
  • 21/64
  • 11/32

They also come in a variety of grain options from 85 all the way up to 200.

This season is the perfect time to try out a new field point. Practice outdoors or at your favorite archery range and work on your technique before deer hunting season opens. If you’re eager to test them out in real time, use our Multi-Purpose Points on your next small-game hunt. Either way, now’s the time to try something new!

Do you use field points? What do you like most about them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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