New VIP Broadheads: Product Breakdown


VIP Archery broadheads are unique to other broadheads because of our use of innovative technology. Our original broadheads featured Momentum Management design and a version of our newly named, patented Flexcut Technology. They were one of the industry’s first scalpel-sharp compressible cutting width blade system. Our new broadheads are also the first in their field, keeping with VIP Archery’s tradition of innovation. Check out the blog below for a breakdown of our new products and which hunting style each of them are good for.

Momentum Management Design and Flexcut Technology

The Ranger, Commander and Combat Veteran broadheads are compound bow and crossbow compatible and feature both Momentum Management design and Flexcut Technology. These features help enhance the performance of the broadhead by increasing the odds of damage and pass-through performance. Our previous models minimized deflection and enhanced the ability for the broadhead to pass through or past bone. Our new broadheads offer the same optimum performance. Each of these broadheads is a mechanical broadhead. If you prefer fixed blade broadheads, our Bomber broadhead is a good choice for you. Like the broadheads mentioned above, the Bomber broadhead is compatible with both compound bows and crossbows.

Inertia Deployment/Gravity Lock Technology

Another major difference between our old line of products and the new broadheads is the use of inertia deployment gravity lock technology. This feature is patent pending and is included in our Ranger and Commander broadheads. It uses the power of the impact of the broadhead to deploy the blades. The blades are tucked into the broadhead until it hits the target, then once the force hits it, the blades will spring open inside the wild game, optimizing damage for a clean, ethical shot.

Bullet Points and Multi-Purpose Points

Our Bullet Points are perfect field points for practicing your technique. They will feel very similar to the broadheads you’ll be hunting with, so you can practice in realistic conditions. Our Multi-Purpose Points serve dual purpose: they can be used for everyday practice or during small-game hunts. Each are made with stainless steel and superior materials. These field points are great for all hunters, whether you’re practicing for big game or actively hunting small game like squirrels or rabbits.

Turkey Hunting

The Guillotine and Guillotine X are perfect turkey hunting broadheads. If you’re enjoying this spring hunting season, the straight edge of the blade is designed for a clean decapitation, the epitome of a good shot when turkey hunting. The Guillotine is compatible with vertical bows and the Guillotine X is compatible with both vertical bows and crossbows. Each of these broadheads features Flexcut Technology. The vital organs of a turkey are, of course, much smaller than a deer’s. The design of these broadheads helps increase the odds of a fatal blow, thus increasing the odds of a successful harvest.

Mechanical and Fixed Blade

The choice between a mechanical or fixed blade broadhead is up to each hunter’s personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer. VIP Archery offers both mechanical and fixed blade choices for all bowhunters to enjoy. Whether you use a compound bow or a crossbow we’ve got a broadhead that can work with your style.

Our new broadheads: the Bomber, Ranger, Commander, Combat Veteran, Guillotine and Guillotine X, are great choices for the upcoming hunting season. They are designed for a quick, clean, ethical harvest. If you order your broadheads soon, you’ll have plenty of time to practice with them before hunting season opens. If you order our Guillotine or Guillotine X broadheads, you’ll be able to use them right away during spring turkey hunting season. Try them out for yourself and see if you notice an improvement.

Which VIP Archery products do you prefer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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