5 Reasons to Buy New Archery Gear


Many hunters invest in hunting equipment that they can use for years and have success using the same gear season after season. Eventually, your lifestyle might change or you might decide you’d like to try something new and broaden your archery horizons. It also might simply be time to upgrade. If you’re debating whether it’s time to invest in some new gear, we’ve got your answers. Below are five reasons to buy new archery gear this year.

1. Your Draw Weight Has Changed

When you start hunting and practicing archery regularly, you’ll likely notice that your muscles are getting stronger and it gets easier and easier to draw the bow back. Once you’ve built up your arm and back muscles, you’ll be able to pull a higher draw weight. Some states have minimum draw weights that you have to be able to pull in order to legally hunt. Always check your state’s regulations before you hunt. If you’re not quite at your state’s requirement yet, don’t worry, you’ll get there. Buy a bow that has a wide range of adjustable draw weights so that it can grow with you as you get stronger. If you’ve been shooting the same draw weight for years and think you can handle a higher one, now’s the time to make that switch so that you can practice with the new weight and get used to it during the off-season.

2. You’re Hunting Multiple Seasons

If you’re hunting both deer and turkey season, you’ll need to buy gear specific to turkey hunting. Hunting small game requires a different set of broadheads. You can’t use the same ones you used to deer hunt. Invest in a new set of broadheads like our Guillotine and Guillotine X broadheads, which are designed specifically for turkey hunting. The straight-edge blade makes for a clean decapitation which is essential for an ethical shot when hunting turkeys. The broadheads are made from patented, cutting-edge Flexcut technology, an exclusive VIP Archery design. They’re a perfect investment for your journey into turkey hunting.

3. You’ve Started Competing

If you’ve decided to venture into the world of competitive archery, you might need new gear before you hit the line. If you’ve only hunted and practiced outside with 3D targets and have never practiced with a traditional target face, you’ll need target-specific arrows before you compete. Indoor competitions require the use of indoor arrows. The outdoor arrows you use for hunting aren’t used in indoor competitions.

4. Your Equipment is Old

You might need new equipment simply because your current gear is getting old and deteriorating from use. You want to make sure your bow is 100% safe when you hunt, so if your old bow has a little too much wear and tear, it might be time to invest in a new one.

5. You Want to Try Something New

Maybe you want to try out some of the newest technology. Hunting gear with new technology and new features hits shelves every year. We’re no stranger to a solid upgrade here at VIP Archery. Many of our new broadheads, like the Commander, were created with Momentum Management and Flexcut technology, patented, innovative technology that’s unique to VIP Archery. The technology allows the broadhead blades to open on impact, helping to create a cleaner, more ethical shot. When new technology is on the table, why not make the investment?

Now’s the time to splurge and invest in new archery gear. Buying new gear now will give you plenty of time to get used to it and practice with it before hunting season opens. Whether you’ve gotten stronger, your style has changed, or you’re trying out new technology, now’s the time to buy the gear. Our broadheads could be the perfect addition to your new gear lineup.

What’s stopping you from buying new archery gear? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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